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Sande was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was not without a pencil nor paintbrush as a youngster, which eventually led her to study at the California College of the Arts in Oakland. Painting is her first and most constant love. Photography entered her life at UC Berkeley during a summer course and has woven in and out of her artistic expressions throughout her life. She has lived on an island in the Pacific as well as an island in the Atlantic, and now makes her home in the southern beaches of California.

She travels extensively and takes great pleasure in connecting to people from different parts of the world. Her life-long interest in world myth and faith-practices and how people employ these facets of human life during joyful and difficult times is at the center of her painting and photography. She is a survivor of domestic violence and understands what strength it takes to stay in, and to leave, those situations. She has compassion for people everywhere experiencing oppression and harm. 

“Visual and emotional immersion is what I pursue in my work to express an interior landscape which combines with reflections in world mythology, archetypal concepts and emotion. The paintings are a personal exploration which give me an opportunity to break down the elemental aspects of a subject, allowing light, color, shape and balance to become flexible. I can feel the work rising, as well as see images, before approaching the canvas to paint in a direct, engaged relationship with the piece. I follow it, allowing my own energy to respond to and work alongside the energy of the work. I am able to feel who I am, in painting and in life, in the process.

Where my painting is a fluid abstraction of an interior process, my photography explores a realism no less connected to the same passions of culture and the human experience. I want to explore the intimacy of being there, as life is happening now, immersed in and connected to the fleeting moment. Although photographs are sometimes presented in a series, it is my desire that each image carries an energy which is able to stand alone.”  


East End Gallery Summer Show (2014)

East End Gallery Summer Show (2013) 



Henry and Elsie Clay Gallery, Orinda CA (2004)

Lafayette Gallery, Lafayette, CA (2002)



Nantucket Arts Council Show (2013)

Out of the Box, NAC Show (2012)

O art @33 Washington, Nantucket, MA (2012)

Red, Nantucket, MA (2012)

Fish Cake, Honolulu, HI (2010-2011)

Association of Hawaiian Artists 41st Annual Contemporary Show, Honolulu, HI (2011)  

Sustainable Art, Honolulu, HI, installations:

     paintings, sculpture (April, May, June 2010)


California College of the Arts (CCA)


Beach Reads Anthology, Paradise, 2019, short story and poetry (Summer 2019)

Laguna Beach Anthology of Poetry and Fiction, short story (2018)

Porsche Passion, Pando Magazine, short story (2018)

Beach Reads Anthology, Lost and Found, 2018, photography and short story (Summer 2018)

Laguna Beach Independent, poetry (November 2017)

Senses and Desire, issue 3, no barking aRt, London, short story (2015)

She, issue 2, no barking aRt, London, poetry (2014)



Tom Smith, Vineet Vohra, India (Street Photography)

Annie Leibovitz, Master Class Photography

Tom Smith, Los Angeles, (Leica, SL)



Laguna Beach Radio, poetry reading (May 2019)

ACK Radio interview (September 2012)

New England Home Magazine (2012)



OC Museum of Art

Third Street Writers

Laguna Poets

Wharf Rat Club, Nantucket, MA 


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Felderstien     2017

All art is autobiographical - the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography”.
— Federico Fellini